Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Old Headers

In doing a few template changes over at my CSA blog (I added a lot more pictures on the sidebar, instead of the usual category list) , I came across some old headers I created for this here blog.

They all made me smile.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Ping Feelings

Huz and I went to the "Toddler's Expressions" art show at Claire's daycare classroom on Friday. It included a full art show and a potluck with all the parents and kiddos. It was delightful, actually. It was the first time I've experienced the "that's MY kid" feeling in a room full of people. The teachers had worked with the kids for 2 months on building individual projects and group projects (from paintings done with painted branches, to paintings done Jackson Pollock style, to paintings done upside down underneath the tables, etc.). I have to say that on some of them, Claire's was clearly the best. I know, I know, biased much? No, not really. I genuinely feel that some of hers were superior. I swear!

Anyway, it was interesting to see all the parents with a child my daughter's age - interesting also that about half of them were clearly expecting another. I felt like I was out of place by not being pregnant and, while Huz has mentioned seeing babies at coffee shops and feeling his heart "ping," I generally haven't felt the desire to have another one. Everyone seems to get that heart ping when their first is around one, but I hadn't felt it. Until last Friday. I guess it was seeing all the pregnant mothers and remembering the excitement and wonder of having a child inside of you, as well as knowing that these toddlers would soon have a sibling to befriend. I want Claire to have a sibling to play with and be friends with; she enjoys being with other children so much that it's sorely tempting to try again now. But, no. We can't. First, I had radiation therapy 4 months ago and my Dr. wants me to wait 9 months to a year before trying again. Also, Huz is no longer funded and has to finish his dissertation and get a job. We don't want to fall into the trap of feeling like we have to have everything perfect and ALL of our ducks in a row (well-paying jobs for both of us, a house to live in, general stability) before expanding our family, but we really need those ducks in a row before we can expand our family.

Don't we? Tell me your story of deciding when to have more than one. I'd appreciate the advice.

In the meantime, *PING!*

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When it rains, it lightnings

I'm writing to you from a dark office on day seven of a migraine. I think it's a hormone-related headache because it started on the first day of my period last week and because I stopped taking the pill the same day. I decided to go off of it because I didn't like how I was feeling (emotional, etc.), even though I took it for 11 years before having Claire with no problems. Perhaps it's because it's a different brand; perhaps because my body just isn't the same after having my thyroid removed. I don't know. I just hope the headaches stop and that the new birth control method gets to the Drs. office soon (it's one that has to be ordered) and that it causes me no problems. What a pain it is being a woman! Why can't men take a pill and deal with the repercussions!? NOT FAIR.

Anyway. I haven't told you the TV story. We came back from our trip to Colorado to find several clocks blinking around the house and to a TV that was dead. Wouldn't turn on and the little red light on the front didn't shine anymore. We took it into a local Radio Shack to have it evaluated because, although a nice new HDTV would be awesome (no, we don't have a nice new TV in our house - ours was a flat screen TUBE tv - can you believe it!? It was only 6 years old though!), it's not an economically smart thing to do right now as we are living on my income alone. The repair guy called me back and said it was "uneconomical to repair and that it was hit hard by lightening." Lovely.

So, having no choice - 'cuz I ain't gonna live with no entertainment, yo - we went to Best Buy to find a TV that would fit in our entertainment center. This left us with few options, so we bought a 26" HDTV that, when placed in the center and viewed from across the room, looked absolutely T-I-N-Y. So, we took it back, took the top half of the entertainment center off, and bought a 37" LG HDTV instead. It was only $100 more than the tiny 26" and it looks awesome.

Last week we had more thunderstorms come through. Guess what? Our wireless router and desktop aren't working - can't get the internet on them. So we're back to the phone checking on warranties and homeowner's insurance for all of this. When it rains, it lightenings. When it lightenings, it hits our stuff (which were both on surge protectors, by the way!).

Some good news: I researched Comcast and, lo and behold, I discovered that if I switched to digital cable I could get a 12 month special (WITH HBO!!) for $25/mo LESS than what we've been paying for cable. Awesome. So, as of Saturday, we have HBO. And do you know something? I haven't found a thing to watch yet! Of course it doesn't help that our Tivo isn't working since there is no wireless in our house for who knows how long. Oy. Guess I need to find out when So You Think You Can Dance is on and actually watch it live. What a concept - live TV!?

Here are the innards of our dead TV before we took it to Radio Shack. We'll miss you Toshiba (but not that much).





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Monday, June 22, 2009


New post up at CSA blog, including a new kick ass turtle ice cream recipe I tried.

Sorry for the lack of posting - I've been dealing with a week-long headache. Going to bed now.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Cooking Girl

New post over at Cooking CSA-Style.

I made an awesome new drink and discovered an ice cream topper in the process.

Also, check out the most adorable kitchen helper of all time.





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Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Feel Like Screaming

For ice cream, that is. I've got the itch to make some more homemade ice cream, like I did last year. (I realized that I let one by you guys when I made lemon gingersnap ice cream a few months ago. Amazing.)

Any awesome recipe suggestions?

I haven't made that outrageous candied bacon one yet. I'm considering trying one with mint, or a turtle ice cream. Give me ideas. And then I'll choose the one I like the best and will make/photo/eat/write about it.

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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Motorcycling: Photo Tour

My Dad and Huz. Lesson time. (Apparently you do a lot with your hands on a bike, that or Huz is Italian with the animated hands.)



First-timer who doesn't look too bad on that bike, if I do say so myself.





(Talk about a big smile, right!? He was bitten by the biking bug.)

First-time helmet wearer and very brief motorcycle rider.



Center stage.


Claire and Grandpa bonding.



She had just given him a kiss in this photo. Look at the look of complete love and adoration on his face!


Claire and Auntie Katie bonding.




This was one of the best days of our trip. Thank you, Dad, for making it possible!

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Pacifier Weaning: Night One

Amazing. I put the earplugs in right after I put Claire to bed because, of course, she was screaming.


It only lasted 7 minutes and then she slept quietly through the night until 7:00 this morning WITHOUT HER PACIFIER.

Good girl, Claire! I totally underestimated you.

We'll see how naptime goes in a half hour.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Pacifier Weaning: Day One

Poor Huz has the privilege of starting the weaning process of Claire from her pacifier all alone today. She's 20 months old next week and, while she only uses a pacifier during naps and bedtime, we think (and the Doctor thinks) it's time to wean.

What I know so far are from his Twitter posts:

12:49p.m. - She went from quiet to 'wait, something's missing' to 'OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS' to 'WTF SO MAD' in about ten minutes.

12:59p.m. - Now repeated wails of 'd'no' (trans. 'I don't know where X is' - ed.) and 'mommy!' As if eliminating the middle man is going to help.

1:30p.m. - Woke up and cried for a bit after 30 mins or so, then quiet again.

1:20p.m. - All quiet. That was actually easier than I expected. We'll see how long it lasts.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Echo Lake, Colorado: A Photo Tour

We took a lovely drive up to the mountains as a family. I will always remember it.







Sun bather.


Not holding still.



Demanding that I sit!


The brown jacket twins.



Mountain gazer.


Rock climber (the rock was so steep she thought it was a slide).




Macro shots.










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