Friday, September 29, 2006

Hello Kids

It's been a quiet week for me here at Through My Lens. Sorry about that. Sometimes there's a lot of creative juices coursing my veins, sometimes none.

I had my career counseling session on Monday and hated it. I got red in the face, sweaty in the palms, and had to talk about myself and my serious angst over this career thing for an entire hour...to a stranger. It didn't go badly, but was uncomfortable since I'm not used to it. I took a slew of personality/career interest tests on Wednesday (all of which I've taken before, but I figured I'm paying for these sessions, so I better get the most from them and do it all) and now await a call back to schedule a follow-up appointment to discuss the results. I seriously doubt that things will get solved and I'll have a magical answer to my (at least) five year question, what do I want to be when I grow up, but it's worth a try. Maybe I'll continue the sessions until I work past this rough patch that's had me bound up inside and stuck -- like a gooey blob of bubblegum that glues my heel to the parking lot* -- for years.

Huz is in Boston for a conference where he's presenting a paper today. He left yesterday and had a hell of a time getting there: the plane was speeding up for take off when it suddently veered to the side of the runway and the brakes were slammed due to a warning light indicating electrical problems, he deplaned, waited for another one, ran to catch a different airline altogether, had to go to Clevlend then to DC then to Boston, got a cab driver who thought he knew what he was doing and ended up driving him to the wrong hotel, and, finally, he missed the keynote speaker who he really wanted to hear. Also? Also! I was being helpful (alright, sarcastic) when I asked him after he packed whether he remembered his belt (ha ha) and he did. Guess what? I got a text message this morning from him, "Remembered belt, forgot tie." Oh boy. This trip is one big fiasco. Let's just hope his paper presentation goes well, shall we?

I wasn't too lonely last night as a friend joined me for a mexican meal at La Hacienda, then we came back to my house and watched two episodes of A Baby Story and (her favorite) Grey's Anatomy.

Hey! I forgot to tell you that we joined the 21st century recently by getting TiVo. It's awesome and I love it. Consequently, we've downgraded our Netflix subscription because we're not getting through all of the movies in a timely fashion, what with all the new t.v. shows to watch. (Do you know about Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations? It's really good.) Also? Did you know you can access your TiVo from the internet and tell it to record a show for you? Hence Grey's Anatomy; you're welcome, Lydia.

Tonight I shall hang out with my dental hygenist. Maybe dinner, maybe a movie.

Tomorrow I go to pick up my veggies and then will go downtown to a big craft fair with the couple that came over for dinner last weekend. Then I will pick up Huz from the airport in the evening.

Sorry if I bored you - just wanted to catch you up on the exciting/not-so-exciting happenings of me - Victoria B.O.R.I.N.G. Winters.


*Do you know that happened to my cool new Chicago shoes after I only wore them maybe 3 times? Grrr.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday to Thunder (on Monday) and to Lydia (yesterday)!!
I had too much wine last night and now I'm dehydrated. But, hey, it was fun. ;)
Love you both.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

Cats and Their Balls

We adopted Cambridge three years ago this Tuesday (September 26th, which is also the date we were engaged. Everybody now..."ahhhhh"). As you know, I'm really bad with surprises, meaning I want to give people (and cats) gifts as soon as I get them. So when I went out on Saturday to run errands, I went to the Cat Shoppe to get her a gift. While there, I decided to get another Eddie for Neville.

Eddie is a mouse made out of an eraser that he just loves because it flies over the hardwood floors like nobody's business. Only problem is? Eddie gets lost: a lot. Not wanting to break Neville's heart by explaining to him that Eddie had, er, gone to heaven (apparently, since he's not been seen for months), I snuck off to the store to get him another one. I brought it home and told him, look Neville, it's Eddie!, and he got spastic and galloped all over the house with him for a good 15 minutes before...LOOSING HIM AGAIN. I have no idea where Eddie is and I even got on my hands and knees with a freaking flashlight looking under every piece of furniture we have, all to no avail. There goes another $1.99.

Anyway, I bought Cambridge a birthday/adoption (we're conflating the two for sake of ease) gift and was so controlled: I didn't show it to her or give it to her for one whole day. She got her gift three days before her birthday, but that's pretty good for me.

Neville, in his angst over loosing Eddie again, decided that the colorful wool ball I got Cambie was pretty cool. Eddie who?, he hollered, as he swooped in and stole her ball with his big gray mitts. Then he proceeded to go crazy playing with it soccer style.

Behold the mighty hunter.



The Mighty Hunter

The Mighty Hunter

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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Numbers Keep Going Up

Dude. I'm up to 39 dead fruit flies now and I haven't even added more booze or soap to the dish. This is the best bug-killing method, EVER.

Don't you love it when you have a new couple over to your house and you end up laughing and sharing like you've known each other for years? I do. Huz made a kick ass meal, as usual, for our new friends last night which included roasted pork tenderloin in a mushroom gravy, butternut squash and red pepper casserole, and broccoli rabe from our CSA. It was magical. Good food set atop a nicely laid out table with freshly pressed linens and flickering candles in amber glass; laughter and good natured bantering between spouses; red wine warming our throats on its way down; sharing our his/herstory which reminds me of just how special my marriage really is; being affirmed that photography may just be something I'm good at...it was just lovely.

So far, this has been the laziest Sunday. It's 12:39p.m. and I'm still in my pjs. I spent a ridiculous amount of time looking at cosmetics online because my new girlfriend from last night told me about this website that is currently selling its stuff for a mere dollar. That's right, a dollar. It's freakin' awesome. Go here. Spend money. You're welcome.

[Added later to say - DON'T waste your time or money on this company. They have awful customer service and they lie about how long it takes to get it. See a follow-up post here.]

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Friday, September 22, 2006

Eat, Pray, Love

I've never recommended a book to someone after reading a mere 24 pages, but I did with this gem. It's not going to speak to everyone as poignantly as it is to me, but I can almost guarantee that it will for any American or European women in her late twenties to early thirties. Reading the pages feels like looking in a mirror. It's as if the author cracked open my skull like a brain surgeon and wrote about my thoughts, hopes, and fears instead of her own. Are the sometimes gripping,paralyzing fears I have hers too? Is what she captures in her memoir a common angst of 30-something white, middle class women who are privileged to have the many options, albeit confusing and too many, as we do? Malcontent. That's what I'm talking about and that's what she went on her journey to get rid of. She takes responsibility for her own content. This is what I must do if I am to find happiness in life. I made a career counseling appointment for Monday. I will figure this out - who I am, what I'm passionate about, what I want to be and do (which is not working in administration as I have for a decade). I'm inspired and have been given a kick in the butt thanks to this book.

Thanks to Blue Poppy for recommending it!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"23 Dead Fruit Flies" Should Totally Be a Band Name

Congratulations, Patricia! You were the closest. I tried to take a picture, but without a macro lens, I can't focus very closely. I counted twice and it's definitely 23 dead flies. I don't know about yours, but Tennessee fruit flies seem to prefer red wine to white (we have something in common, fruit flies and I). What dumb booze hounds they are - it's like lemming-style binging: to the death.

23 Dead Fruit Flies

I've got that fall feeling and I like it. It's my favorite season, what with the refreshingly cool mornings and evenings. Today was just all around gorgeous. Sunny blue skies and a crisp not quite 70 degree air. I love this weather: "sweater and a mocha weather" is what I like to call it.

Here's how I'm welcoming in my favorite season. I brought out the sour dough starter and made some bread, which I haven't done all summer. It went a little crazy after its last feeding.

Sour Dough Starter Gone Wild

Sour Dough Starter Gone Wild

I bought a lovley bouquet of pencils. Don't you just love how self-referential these are? Cracks my shit up. Maybe they're supposed to be for children, or English as a second language folks, or for memory loss patients, but I love them.

Self-Referential Pencils

I found the coolest new slippers, ever. I'm going to buy the pattern for these babies and knit some myself! Love.Them. They make me do a happy dance every time I slip them on, plus they keep my feet warm!

Mary Jane Socks

What are you doing to welcome in the new season?

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How Many Jelly Beans Are in the Jar?

For those of you who may have laughed at my great chemical-free way of ridding the home of fruit flies, take a guess at how many of these buggers I've caught this week using two tablespoons of red wine.

Come on, guess!

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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cat Prayers

Neville really hopes that I have a baby soon. I think I overheard him say, "Dear God, please make Mom's ovaries work soooon."

Neville Wishing I'd Have a Baby Already

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Cambridge's Corner

(I decided we all need more of Cambridge's Corner around here, so here she goes.)

How to Drive Your Mom Nuts, Part 327

My mom is weird. She went to work yesterday without her usual stuff - she left her purse, wallet, cell phone, and car keys at home. I thought she was loosing her mind on a Monday morning, but apparently it was on purpose so that she'd be forced to run the 3.44 miles home as a work out. Anyway, when she got home she was all red and sweaty and smelled funny, which got me a little worked up. I was like, "Hi Mom Hi Mom Hi Mom" but she wasn't paying me any attention because she was too concerned about getting hydrated, whatever that means. So I decided to get back at her - that's how I am. After she stripped out of her sweaty clothes and got into the shower, I decided to give her a little payback, Cambie style. As she pulled the curtain shut, I stuck my nose into the bathroom trash can and dug out my favorite bathroom trash morsel. You guessed it, dental floss. Used dental floss. Ha! This really sicks Mom out. Anyway, she saw me and lunged out of the shower for me, so I hurried and snarfed up the floss and took off for the living room. Ha ha! Look at naked Mom in front of all the windows where weird neighbors walk their dogs! Next I ran into the dining room where the biggest window of all is. She had to dive under the dining room table to grab me and pull out the tiny bit of floss left hanging outside of my mouth. Dang it! I had almost eaten the whole thing before she got me. Better luck next time...

Peace out,


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Sunday, September 10, 2006


There were several first-time experiences for me this weekend.

1. Tried a new restaurant.
Saturday night Huz and I went to Cuisine of India and were both quite happy with it. There were no gringo additions like carrots and peas in the rice (nothing drives me crazier than gringoed-up ethnic food. If I feel like Mexican, Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese, or Indian food then I want it to be authentic, damn it! Is that too much to ask?). I tried my favorite Indian dish, Chicken Makhni, and it passed the test: red, spicy, creamy, and delicious. I have leftovers for tonight's dinner - yes!

2. Went to half of a play.
After dinner we went to our second annual viewing of Shakespeare in the Park. The play was Macbeth and it began at 8:00. All was going well, despite the distant rumble of thunder to the north. Before the first act ended the rain began to fall on us (tank tops produce rain-catching cleavage - ask me how I know.). Before the second act was over the play was stopped because the rain, thunder and lightning were kind of a liability, not to mention distracting for audience and cast members alike. So home we went with only half of Macbeth in our minds. (We both agreed that Lady Macbeth was much too perky and girlish as she was portrayed by the actress. She should have been more menacing and sexually powerful.)

3. Went to an art museum gift shop and not to the museum itself.
Do you know that I've lived in Nashville for a little over a year now and have yet to go to their one and only art museum? It's odd, I know, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. My lovely German friend asked me to go with her to pick up our CSA veggies and then to the Frist's gift shop where she had purchased some beads the week before. I joined her and bought a few myself to make some earrings and a necklace (another VW hobby). I'll have to go back to the museum for real some day.

4. Made a vegan* breakfast.
This is weird because there's no way I'd ever choose to be a vegan. I mean come on. Life without ice cream? Life without butter? Life without cheese? You've got to be kidding me. Anyway, the reason I made vegan banana walnut pancakes this morning was simply because I was out of eggs and was too hungry (and too un-showered and bedroom-haired) to go to the grocery store for some more. So I prayed to the Google god and found a pancake recipe that could be made sans eggs. It was pretty darn good, actually. (Despite the word "yummy" that's used in the recipe title.)

*I completely un-veganed breakfast by serving this with bacon. I'm such a rebel!

5. Went to a professional football game.
I gotta tell you, it pays to drag your lazy ass to church even though you don't feel like it. We went to service and as we were leaving I said hello to our deacon. He handed me two Titans tickets and asked if we wanted them. We were like, "Uh, sure! We've never been to a game before and don't have any plans today." Score! Not that the Titans are good, but when are we ever going to shell out $72 for each ticket on our own? Probably never. So off we went to find the parking lot and our seats. About 30 minutes later we were up in the stadium on the way out to our seats, but decided to grab some drinks and lunch before settling down outside. Much to his relief, Huz found a place selling Sam Adams Octoberfest (he would never drink the other crap they sell, believe me. A home brewer is extremely picky and rightfully so. Once you've had decent beer it's impossible to go back to drinking piss.) and I found a place selling frozen margaritas. We got a couple of cheeseburgers and an order of waffle fries to share. We went to the condiment station and loaded our burgers up, including a big ol' glop of ketchup on the fries. I made my way through the crowds juggling my margarita, a bottle of water, my hamburger and the fries perched on top. We found our seats and sat down...

6. Been embarrassed by my own crotch.
As I sat down in my seat, between Huz and some dude, the tray of fries that was precariously perched atop my hamburger tipped forward and did a 180, landing upside down into my light blue cargo panted lap. My once light blue crotch was now covered with all of the waffle fries and the healthy glop of bright red ketchup. Time stood still. I forgot where I was and that there were 70,000 people around me. All I could do was stare at my crotch. All Huz did was stare at my crotch. All the dude next to me did was stare at my crotch. Then I snapped to and yelled at Huz for staring and handed him my lone burger while grabbing his handful of napkins that should have been offered to me immediately. I scooped up napkinful after napkinful of ketchup from my crotch and then had to do the most embarrassing thing ever - stand up and walk all the way back up to the stadium, walk through the hallway filled with people, and into a restroom to douse my red-stained crotch with sink water and hand soap. I felt the need to tell every woman who washed her hands that I spilled ketchup on my lap, lest she think that I had menstruated for two. I came back to my seat with a soaked and slightly pink crotch and tried to enjoy the game. It was hot, humid, and my crotch reeked of ketchup. Lovely.

But, hey, at least the game was free!

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Thursday, September 7, 2006


I'm going to submit some photographs again this year for the company newsletter. They are accepting photos for both the calendar and pets (I've had 2 entries accepted before).

I'm in no short supply of photos to enter (I take millions, people. Millions.) So I need your help in deciding which ones to submit. Here are a few of my favorites - tell me what you think!

Calendar Category


Flowers and Shadows Series

Flowers and Shadows Series



"The Bean" and a Bird - Millenium Park


Vegetable Still Life

Row of Carrots

Pet Category


Tabby Love

Pretty Girl


He can drink from a sink, but not a bottle. Why?

My Boy

Cat Dancer Frenzy

Tabby Love

Thanks for your help!

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Monday, September 4, 2006

Coming Up

I'm starting to feel better. Finally. That was one doozy of a head cold, let me tell you. It turned my fun 3 day weekend into 5 days of house arrest and major Kleenex abuse.

One thing that has been very nice about it all, however, is the fact that
the weather has made a marked turn to the cool side (it's probably just
a short tease, but I'm grateful for the whore). I am always oh-so-happy
about cool weather, as are the cats. The windows have been open,
yawning in the much welcome bit of non-machine-produced coolness and
the cats have been eating it up by squeezing in as close to the window
screens as they can get. (Oh my god. A spider just crawled into the
keyboard - into the cracks between the keys. I am so freaked out to
keep typing because he could pop back out and touch me at ANY second.

The bit of cool sparked my creative side despite my languor. So I took a glass jar out of the recycling bin, added a bit of origami paper, an old metal button and some wire and came up with this. Let's call it a Found Object Candle Holder. Not difficult, but for a sick person it's something, right?

Found object candle holder

The next day's creative burst didn't end so well. I decided to get out my knitting
project that I started over a year ago when we lived in Chicago. It was my first non-scarf attempt (and a noble attempt it was). I decided to try my hand at a blanket - a blanket for Cletus. (That's my future fetus's name, in case you were wondering. No, I have no news for you, don't get excited.) I chose a pattern that had some twists and braids and all sorts of fun texture, but the trouble is? I kinda forgot how to use a circular needle in my year plus hiatus from the craft. So I screwed it up and had to take it all apart.

Before sick crafter:

First attempt at knitting a blanket

First attempt at knitting a blanket

After sick crafter:

First attempt at knitting a blanket

I started one all over again, this time with a less time-consuming, but still interesting pattern. Hopefully the results will be a bit better!

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Friday, September 1, 2006


I've only had the use of one nostril for the last 2 days. They rotate, but mostly it's my right one that stays clear for my breathing pleasure. Thank you, right nostril!
My head hurts - it pounds like a butcher with his meat cleaver over thick meat - mostly when I sit up, stand up, cough, or move my eyes. It hurts to look. My back hurts. My neck hurts. My glands hurt. Yesterday I finished my novel and watched about a million Baby Story's on TLC. What am I going to do all day today?

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