Sunday, September 30, 2007

Flipped on its Head

So last night Huz and I completely reversed the stereotypes of a pregnant woman and her spouse. How, you ask? Well, while he was at the computer (which he was for about 13 hours yesterday as he studied for exams) he told me how much he liked the peanut butter ice cream we had at a friend's birthday party the night before. Meanwhile, I happened to be craving apples. Yes, I said apples - that healthy fruit that grows on trees. Not ice cream, not chocolate cake. Weird. So I went to the grocery store at 8:30 and got my apples and his ice cream. We're just mixing up the gender roles all over the place here, yo!

Here's the dinner I made last weekend. It was awesome. Try it!

Pretzel Crusted Pork Chops with Mustard, Orange Cream Sauce and Balsamic Reduction

Here's me on the way to the birthday party on Friday.

Last Day of 35 WeeksLast Day of 35 Weeks

It was the last day of my 35th week. That means I'm 36 weeks and if I go to 40 weeks, I'm going to be a Mommy in 27 days. WHAT!? EXCUSE ME!? I'm going to be a WHAT in HOW many days!? Fear is definitely starting to set in over the whole delivery thing, but hopefully everything will go well; hopefully I can manage the pain (I'll get an epidural if I need to, but want to try for as long as I can without); and hopefully looking at our perfect little girl for the first time will make all the negatives (if there are any) disappear in a heartbeat.

Nothing much has been happening around here, other than Huz studying for his exams (he's past the half-way mark now and we'll be celebrating here on Friday!) and me working, doing water aerobics (I took several weeks off due to stress at the new job and a head cold a few weeks ago), starting to make my baby announcements, and feeling a lot of pain in my pelvis (good times). Oh well. It will be over before I know it and then I'll miss feeling those daily hiccups and rolls in my belly.

Signing off (so Huz can get back on here and work),

Cletus's Mommy

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fur Baby: Cambie Edition (a.k.a. Cat Abuse)

Oh my. I crack myself up. I get such enjoyment out of cat abuse treating my cats like kids. What can I say? I'm practicing!

Remember this lovely craft project from last year?

Homemade card

Well the fun continues. Here's my lovely Cambridge wishing that the baby would hurry up and get here. (Like my gut hanging out?)

Cat Abuse

Check out the grumpiness.

Cat Abuse

And then we tried out a Halloween outfit someone bought me for Cletus. Huz says she's the Pumpkin Gangster.

Cat Abuse

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Quick Post While Huz Is Off the Computer For a Second

I'm currently looking at my husband's ass through the window as he bends over weeding around a tree. It's uber sexy.

Today is the first official day of fall and it's going to be 92 degrees. This makes me want to vomit.

I can't find any pants or shorts that are comfortable today, so I'm wearing a skimpy pair of cotton gym shorts. I can't go out like this - way too indecent.

I found a red streak on the back of my thigh. Is it a hickey from the chair at the coffee shop yesterday or a blood clot? Yikes. No pain or swelling, so I'm going with a hickey.

Huz begins his first of five grueling qualifying exams tomorrow - a 6 hour written exam. Pray for him. I'm making him a good dinner tonight (pretzel-crusted pork chops with an orange mustard sauce, roasted potatoes and green beans) and making him stop studying early so he can relax before this big exam.

I'm feeling huge. Up 24 pounds so far (3 lbs in 2 weeks!? No more chocolate cake, Victoria!!).

Also, my finger joints are KILLING me when I wake up. I've done some research and have found that it's water retention in the joints. Seriously, people. 31 is too young for arthritis! Let's hope this goes away (like all my other issues) at birth!

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Show Me What's On Your Desktop and I'll Show You What's On Mine

Tabby Love

Awwwww! ;)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fur Baby: Nevsie Edition

I used to think that Neville couldn't wait until we had a baby because I, you know, was torturing him by making him one.

Totally Offended That I Would Put This Shirt On HimCowboy Neville

But now I think he's used to it and kind of likes it. Just check out how chill he is with his arm all out and his winky-eyes.


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Reprieve, How I Love It

Dudes. I must tell you how marvelously my Saturday has begun. I woke up to a cool room, curtains billowing in the breeze, Cambridge lounging on the foot of the bed, Neville lounging on the window sill by my head, and my sweet, warm husband lying next to me.

It's 64 degrees and Huz and I just enjoyed our coffee and breakfast on the patio.

Life is good.

Also, this quote made me chuckle this morning: "A child is a curly, dimpled lunatic."
(Ralph Waldo Emerson)

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Your Lobster Was The Texture of a Doll's Head"

That was a great quote by Anthony Bourdain last night on Top Chef. I'm totally going to use it in random conversations: "Yeah, the pregnancy is going well and work is good, albeit busy and at times has the texture of a doll's head, but, you know, it's to be expected."

Nothing much to report, friends. I haven't taken a picture of my fur kids in the baby sling yet, but will. (Must keep the people happy after all.) The last two days in Nashville have seen a reprieve in the heat wave and I'm SO happy about it! We've actually had our windows open at home for TWO WHOLE DAYS. The cats are in hog heaven and so am I. The only thing is that I don't have any long-sleeved maternity clothes, but, a.) I've only got 6 more weeks and b.) it likely won't get COLD anytime soon, so I'm not even going to THINK about buying more fat people maternity clothes.

Um, what else? I love my husband. He's gone through a tough few months of feverishly studying for his final qualifying exams and teaching himself German mixed with some frustrations this past week. But he keeps moving onward and keeps himself motivated. I'm so impressed and amazed by him, especially since he hasn't once faltered in loving and taking care of me. I am truly blessed. I love you, babe and I'm your number one fan!

I hate that I never have plans on the weekends anymore (and poor Huz is swamped in studies since his exams are quickly approaching, so I'm on my own). Anyone want to run errands with me on Saturday? I have to drive up to Madison to the damn furniture store to pay them to deliver that last dresser for the nursery (they say they are "protecting the customer" by not allowing me to do this over the phone, despite the fact that they already have my credit card on file. Whatever.), go to the Saturn dealership to get Huz's keyless entry fixed (new battery didn't fix the fact that he can't open the door anymore), and see what I can buy with a $25 gift certificate at Babies R Us.

Ho hum. Tis my life.

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Weekends, How I Love Thee


Slept in; ate breakfast in pjs; went to coffee shop to hang out with some friends; went to another friend's house and chatted for a while; came home and ate lunch; did 2 loads of laundry; took a 2 hour nap; felt Cletus hiccup at least 3 different times throughout the day; ate dinner (DiGiorno's) and watched a Neflix movie with Huz; had some non-sleep activity and a game of Risk in bed. Good times.


Slept in; ate breakfast in pjs (during which Huz said the nicest thing to me. With tears in his eyes he looked at my belly and said, "you're so beautiful. I'm so glad I'm having a baby with you." Awww!); went grocery shopping and felt all self-righteous using my newly purchased Get Green Bags (LOVE them! Save the landfills from needless plastic waste and go order yourself some!); did 2 more loads of laundry; rested for a bit; felt Cletus hiccup at least 3 different times throughout the day; tried out my new baby sling with the cats (don't make fun); made my favorite bread of all time; and am going to start making dinner now (lemon and rosemary chicken with orzo and heirloom tomato salad).

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Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weighty Issues

I wish we would only gain the exact amount of weight that our baby will be upon birth. I mean, come on! Why do we need all of this extra poundage to lug around? Especially when you're short like me? Hmmph. Doesn't seem fair. On the bright side, I've only gained 21 pounds at this point, so I should be well within the 25-35 pound recommended weight gain. I only have 7 more weeks to go, but I am starting to feel mighty uncomfortable: 1. Cletus loves my right side, especially my rib cage (Dude, my lung is not your kicking bag. Seriously.); 2. my back is starting have severe muscle pain (Thank God for the mother's day gift Huz got me - an hour long massage gift certificate. I cashed that baby in yesterday.); 3. I'm experiencing Braxton Hicks where my uterus gets extremely hard and it feels like Cletus is pushing her way out of my skin.

Ah, the joys of the last trimester. I think I'm ready to be my old self again.


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In My Defense

There seem to be a lot of you who think that because you are pregnant you can't get your hair done. I think this is a remnant of how harsh chemicals were in our mothers' days. Every book I've read says it's fine, as long as it's after the first trimester.

What to Expect says this:

"Highlights are considered safe by most practitioners since the product isn’t applied as close to the scalp; so are milder color treatments (all-vegetable dyes, or no-ammonia blends), so chances are you’ll be able to hide that gray or bring out (or create) those gold tones with no problem."

The key is highlighting versus full-on coloring. This is because much less will actually touch your scalp and risk being absorbed into the blood stream. (And I chose an Aveda Salon to fix it because their products are 97% natural.)

I say this:

"If I feel better about myself, I'm a happier person. If I'm a happier person, so is Huz and so is Cletus. The End."

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Hair Fiasco Resolved

So, get this, I hadn't heard back from the hair salon for several days concerning my messed up highlights and called again yesterday to see what they could offer me since I had to pay someone else to fix their mistake (especially since they weren't willing to fit me in to fix it for four whole days). They called back and wanted me to come in at 4:45 to sit down for a MEETING with THREE people. Good grief. You'd think I was trying to broker a huge deal or asking for some huge thing. Which I wasn't. I simply stated my dissatisfaction. So, I went. They said my hair wasn't damaged - not that that was the point - the point was that I was out $200 because of them. So, they said they'd give me a gift certificate for a hair conditioning. I was pissed, thinking that wasn't much to shake a stick at, but shrugged and said, "Look, I'm not trying to be a hard ass or a bitch, so do what you think is fair." They responded, "Well, since you've been so nice about it, we'll give you a certificate for a free hair cut." Cool. I know that's at least a $60 value, so I'm happy with it. Best thing is? It doesn't have an expiration date, so I can do it whenever I please (probably when I'm feeling like a frumpy, spit-up on mom).

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Nursery Update

We're still waiting for a dresser to arrive, but here's how Cletus' room is looking so far. Isn't it cheerful? I find myself reading on the futon a lot because I like it so much in there. :)

The nurseryThe nurseryThe nursery (that corner of junk will be a tall white dresser)

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Q: How Do You Make a Hormonal Pregnant Lady Cry?

A: Even though I had a free hair cut to look forward to (read: $60 I didn't have to spend), I still spent $90 and cried when I got home. The hairdresser was running 40 minutes behind schedule, causing me to be the last customer there at 8:00 on a Friday night (that's WAY too late for a preggo with gestational diabetes to eat dinner, folks). THEN the lady over-processed my hair so my highlights really looked like a solid coloring. I left looking like a cousin of Marilyn Monroe. Umm, platinum wasn't exactly what I was going for - especially because my typically red face is even more tomato-like with the billions of pregnancy hormones coursing through my veins. I looked awful!

Exhibit A

Hate the Marilyn Monroe look on me
Hate the Marilyn Monroe look on me

When I called the next day to schedule an appointment to get it fixed, they claimed that she was booked and couldn't see me until Tuesday - at 12:30 - when I have a meeting at work. Let's see, that's Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (4 days) walking around feeling ridiculous. I don't think so. My only choice, I felt, was to call another salon that have done great highlights on me before and spend another $100 getting it fixed. This girl put lowlights in and then toned the platinum pieces out, bringing me back to essentially how I started the whole damn process. I wasn't happy again and went home and cried.

Exhibit B

Not sure about the new highlightsNot sure about the new highlights

My woeful weekend did get better. How? Huz took me out on an all day date Sunday. First we went to my favorite place for breakfast. I had Mighty Leaf breakfast tea, 2 eggs sunny side up on a slice of organic toast with apple smoked bacon and spinach bechemel sauce, and we shared a slice of organic walnut bread covered with sliced peaches, ricotta cheese, and honey. Then we went to see Ratatouille, which was cute, and then acted like kids and went to an arcade where I got to see how my Ski Ball skills fared after lying dormant for nearly 20 years (verdict: I'm better than Huz!). I also enjoyed the motorcycle video game because I got to ride a bike and lean with each turn - I enjoyed screaming whenever I hit another car, pedestrian, or building (which was a lot, people!). It was a great day together and I'm so grateful he got me out of the house so I could think about something other than my damn hair. I'm happy to report, however, that today my new high(low)lights are growing on me. Perhaps the darker look is actually better for my red-toned face after all.

Exhibit C

New highlights are growing on meNew highlights are growing on me

And even though I was just sick over how much money I spent on my hair, there's nothing that cures the blues more than a little shopping. I found a great deal on this buttery soft leather handbag at Macy's today (half off). Nice!

Luscious new leather handbag!

And some nice pj's so I don't have to go to bed in a tank top that only comes half-way down my belly. I can wear these now, during nursing, and when I'm in my normal-sized body too. Cool!

New robe and pjs (that look like dresses)!

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