Thursday, December 22, 2005

Proof of Tongue Action

Tongue Action

If this doesn't make your heart thud with love, I don't know what will.

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Tongue Action

I missed it while at work yesterday, but Huz caught the action on film (I haven't uploaded yet, but will).

Get this, Neville was bathing Cambridge yesterday - with his tongue - and she let him!

One week and two days, bitches. Forget four weeks! Buya!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bitch Slap Cat Update

How are my little dears doing you ask? Why, they're doing very....

(enter shit load of galloping feline sounds here)

...very well, thanks.

When I researched how best to introduce cats to one another, I was advised both by the internet (here and here, among other places) and by my new vet that I should TAKE.MY.TIME and not let them come face-to-face for an entire MONTH. That's four (4) weeks, people! Well, I kind of fudged that timeline a bit because we're going to Colorado for a week and I wanted Neville and Cambridge to kind of, like, be COMPANIONS while we're away. That was kind of the whole point of getting him after all. This doesn't mean that I went nuts and forced them together, I just let them steer the ship is all. When they continually batted each other under the door and then tried to get through it whenever I happened to open it, I just let them meet. The first few times were noisy (i.e., hissing and growling by our sweet, speak-only-when-spoken-to, little girl), but got better. For the first several days I only allowed them to be together when one of us was home so that nobody would get hurt. But after Neville woke me up two nights in a row crying to be let out of isolation, I gave in and let them be. They've been co-existing ever since. Here are some photos of how they've progressed:

1. Distant

Cambridge happily slept on her couch...

while she was on the other

as long as Neville was on the other.

He was on one couch...

2. Unintentional Closeness

Neville was completely passed out by me on the couch (Now, don't get your PETA panties in a bundle, but he was resting so heavily because we had him front declawed. We wouldn't have done it, but Cambridge was all-four(!) declawed when we adopted her and we wanted to protect her $2,300 belly in the event of a rumble with him.) and Cambridge jumped up unaware that he was there.

Wow. Less than a week and they can be peacefully near eachother!

Wow. Less than a week and they can be peacefully near eachother!

Of course, this only lasted long enough for me to take a few shots, then she turned her head and noticed she was (brace yourself) about a foot away from The Intruder and quickly fled the scene.

Wow. Less than a week and they can be peacefully near eachother!

3. This was yesterday. I'll call it Almost in Love.

I came home from work and found this endearing scene.

Wow. This was voluntary and it's been exactly one week and a day since we got him!

Cambridge's stretch in the opposite direction of The Intruder shows that she's not quite comfortable with him yet, but she's getting there.

Wait, was I just sleeping right next to you!?

4. Bitch Slappage

Which brings me to a few minutes ago. Cambridge is now called The Little Terrorist because she has regularly been instigating trouble with the new boy. He was lying quietly in the carrier when she decided to go "BANZAI!" on his ass:

Our Little Terrorist

Bitch Slappage

She also likes to chase him all around the house (hence the galloping noises mentioned above) and to ambush him as he exits the cat box. All in all, though, we think they're doing awesome, especially considering that we've had Neville for a week and two days!

(If that wasn't enough photgraphic evidence for you, you are welcome to see the rest here.)

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Feeling Hot

You know when you get a hot new pair of panties and even though nobody else knows you're wearing them, you feel pretty darn good about yourself? Yeah, that's me today. Just thought you might want to know.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

We Celebrated Our Anniversary on Saturday and Had a Baby on Sunday

Really, we did! Quick gestation period, huh? As you know from the failed attempt with Porter, I have been wanting to expand our little family. So, after looking at potential children at the Nashville Humane Society on Saturday, we adopted a new little boy on Sunday. His name is Neville and he's a sweet, affectionate boy. See?


Here's his first encounter with Cambridge (I had him isolated to the study all day, but Cambie was so curious that I let her in to see how they would do face to face). Pretty oblivious these two!



"Wait! Who the hell is that!?" Cambridge demanded.


When she finally figured out that there was a strange cat in her house, she got a little upset. There was some tail puffage and growling on her part, but absolutely nothing but interest in a new cat friend on his. It takes time to introduce new cats to existing ones, that's all. I isolated them again (overnight) and the next day she showed more positive interst in him.


And he showed the same interest in her.


And then they held hands for the first time.


Well, okay, they didn't exactly hold hands, but they briefly touched them under the doorway without hissing or growling, which is progress. We'll continue this gradual process until we let them be together permanently. I can't wait until they're friends and I can take pictures of them cuddling - talk about cute!

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

It Goes to Eleven!

the happy couple

Wow. I can't believe we're at 11 years already! It's been an amazing journey and I couldn't imagine travelling it with anyone but you, Huz. You are a wonderful man who is sensitive, caring, and intelligent. Thank you for your friendship and love through all these years.

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Letter to Huz

Dear Huz,

You'll get a nice letter from me tomorrow, given that it's our 11th anniversary and all, but today? You get a not-so-nice one. Mmkay? I just want to say thanks for leaving me a car with no gas in it this morning. I was driving along (with freezing hands because I forgot my gloves and hey! it actually gets cold in Tennessee!) and discovered the lovely gas meter quivering ever so slightly below the E. Grrr...I had two options: 1. get gas and be late to work or 2. don't get gas and potentially run out on my way to my afternoon meeting.

Thanks babe. :P

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Toothbrush and Its Hole

Well, my toothbrush story won the vote for what to post on, not for its genius or creativity, but for the shear fact that it confused the hell out of all of you. I was just adding something light to the list of possible subjects to write on and you chose it (or were you just being facetious?). I intended no Freudian or sexual undertones at all (me? would I reference sex or body parts on my blog!? How could you think such a thing?). Really, I didn't. I simply have an issue with the modern toothbrush. They (with a capital T) decided to jump on the ergonomic bandwagon and make toothbrushes with the handles the size of...what's long and thick? heh heh, my mind wanders...Ahem!...the size of, well, just big, okay!? Because of this, the tools that we use to achieve stellar oral hygiene no longer cause carpal tunnel, but damn if they fit into the toothbrush holder holes anymore! Case in point:

Behold the toothbrush and the hole

Word to the wise, not all Oral B toothbrushes are the same thickness!

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Experimental Shots

Submitted for Photo Friday: "Experimental"

I know that Friday was a while ago, but I just got around to uploading some experimental shots that I took on a rather experimental night.

It was past midnight and I was alone. I didn't feel like sleeping, so I grabbed my camera instead.

Late Night Picture

Then I decided that all of my magazines needed to be organized. Cambridge walked from the left side of the frame to the right during this long shutter release, so you can see part of her on the left side.

Strange Mood, Strange Picture

This one's not from that night, but I love the action that I caught by using a slow shudder speed. It looks like Huz can read a book as fast as Data (admit it, you used to watch it too!).

Speed Reader

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Saturday, December 3, 2005

Thoughts of a Blogger: Choose Your Own Adventure

I have been thinking about what I should write a post on. I have several things on my mind: from the strict binaries we hold for sexuality and gender and how those are a lot less black and white than they need to be; how my toothbrush doesn't fit into its toothbrush hole; how I dreamed about Cambie escaping from the safety of the house into the harsh outside (and how this happened to another cat we had several years ago); how disconnected this world is and how the digital age is being used as an attempt to restore community (but is that community genuine? Is a web-based community, which isn't real because it's not a face-to-face connection with real bodies, genuine?); to having a baby and the reasons that may or may not be justifiable in wanting one in the first place.

So, I don't know what to write about. Which do you want to read?

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