Thursday, May 31, 2007

Belly Banjo and All of These Things

Weird. I just noticed that my belly button feels funny. The top of it is stretched so the skin feels strangely taut. It's almost as if I could make music if I started plucking it like a banjo. Hmm. Maybe I'll try that when I get home tonight! Does anyone have a guitar pick I could borrow?

Speaking of expanding bellies, I met with a trainer last night at the gym. She created a weight lifting routine for me that's safe during pregnancy. Then I followed it with 15 minutes on the elliptical (I'm starting small, people; don't make fun.).

Note to self: Get a sports bra that fits - working out in your daily one is not pleasant. At. All.

Tonight I go to water aerobics. If I can stick to it, the weekly plan will be: Mondays and Wednesdays 30 minutes on elliptical; Tuesdays and Thursdays weight routine followed by 60 minute water aerobics. Makes me want to break out into song, "Get in shape, girl! You've got the feeling!"

Do you think it's strange that I'm working out while pregnant? I don't at all, but some people around me do. Maybe it's a generational thing? I don't know. My supervisor, who is in her 60s, must have lounged around in a hammock and eaten Bon Bons* while she was pregnant because she obviously doesn't get it. She told me that when my baby is born it will be running around like crazy because of all the activity I'm doing. Another person in my office asked me why I was working out at all. She claimed that the only reason to have a healthy, thin body is to catch a mate and I clearly have already caught mine. WTF!? One: I want to be healthy and slim for ME. Two: I want to KEEP my mate and not let myself go into a huge blob, using pregnancy and childbirth as an excuse for my pudge. I'm not exercising during pregnancy to loose weight - I am aware that I'll gain 25-35 pounds, as is recommended - but there's nothing wrong with building up strength and endurance for the biggest physical adventure of my life: LABOR. Plus, it'll help me loose the weight postpartum. I'm not interested in wearing these maternity clothes after the baby's born! Sheesh.

*What the hell is a Bon Bon anyway!?


In other news, as of Sunday night, I have my toilet back. SWEET relief! Only it's going to be pulled up off the floor again on Saturday when we have a plumber come and do stuff for us (replace toilet flange - or whatever the hell the pipe your potty screws into is called - as well as the cast iron drains in our 1950 house). Hopefully he'll be quick about it, knowing there's a pregnant lady in the house.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bellys and Bladders

My Mom wants me to tell her when I wake up one morning and "pop" into a pregnancy-shaped body. I don't really know if this has happened yet, but people at work sure seem to think I've gotten big this week. What do you think?

Also, I swear I felt the baby move on Tuesday night. We were walking into the house after attending a lovely concert via the Nashville Symphony in the park when I felt something brush up against me (but from the inside) in my lower right side. I never farted, so I'm assuming it was the baby and not gas! It was so fleeting and I haven't felt it again, but I hope to every day.

belly shots

I can't wait until our bathroom is done. I have to pee a lot more than you'd think - like every 40 minutes. This is getting ridiculous. Keep your fingers crossed that by Sunday afternoon I can pee in my own toilet again.

Here's what Huz has done so far.

He ripped the old self-stick "tiles" off and the ugly ass linoleum underneath that.

Old linoleum ripped out

Then he laid down the cement board (or back board).


Then he laid out the tiles for measuring and cutting.


Neville helped.

Daddy's Helper

Then he spent a few frustrating hours cutting tiles with a scoring cutter which resulted in fatigue and broken tiles. The next morning he rented a wet saw from Home Depot. I've never heard him express so much joy over power tools in my life. Who
is this man (and look at all the pictures he took of his new love)!?


Then he put down mortar.


And placed the tiles down.

Tile Layed on Mortar

This is how it must remain undisturbed for 24 hours. Then he can grout it, leave it alone for another 24 hours, and then quickly reinstall the toilet for my peeing pleasure.

Go Huz!

Hey, Handyman! Where you been all my life?

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Friday, May 25, 2007

Let Me Count the Ways

I love my husband; I really do.

For one, I came home from work on Wednesday to a house filled with the glorious smell of a home cooked meal. He had spent two hours in the kitchen making a delicious dinner consisting of chicken and mole enchiladas, refried black beans, and guacamole - all from scratch. Freaking awesome, people, freaking awesome.

Then! He took it upon himself to learn how to tile the bathroom floor and started on it yesterday, working for nearly twelve hours straight. Granted, this means a pregnant woman is without a toilet for a few days, but the end result will be totally worth it. Luckily our neighbor friend is out of town and gave us her key so we can use her bathroom to our heart's (or bladder in this case) content. The only thing is, I wasn't willing to walk three houses down at 2:30 this morning, so I squatted. Lovely. She gets back on Saturday but I don't think Huz will be done until Sunday, so that may be a bit awkward calling her up every time I have to pee (embarrassing too), but oh well. When the pregnant bladder beckons, you must answer.

Anyway. I love you Huz. Thank you for being such a great guy!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Growing Pains

I still need to add this past weekend's 16th week picture, but here's a belly update for you.


I've been having lots of round ligament pain with the stretching of the uterus. The kid must be getting big in there! I still feel good, have energy, am happy (now that I have my stock of Rocky Road), and am wearing maternity clothes now because I'm more comfy in them.

We registered for gifts on Sunday which we've never done before. It was great fun going around the store and zapping things with the scanner. We chose Target and Babies R Us and hope we get some of the things we're really going to need (stroller, swing, bottles, etc. etc.). Actually, it's mind boggling how much stuff there is, though I know a lot of it is just a marketing tactic. So we tried to chose things that we think we'll need and not frivolous stuff that will just clutter up the house. We both had emotional moments during our day together. Huz teared up and hugged me in Target when we were looking at a tiny, little onsie because he realized that we are actually in the process of making a tiny human that will eventually fill up that onsie. I cried at Babies R Us when Huz was trying out the jogging strollers because I realized that he will be a committed, loving, involved father just like he is as a husband. I love him so much and am thrilled to bring a child into our lives.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Wet Cheeks

I cried like 5 times last night. First, I cried after watching The Office because Jim chose to mess up his interview out of love for Pam. Ahhh! :) Then I cried because I really wanted Rocky Road icecream and we didn't have any and Huz didn't want to go get any. (Yes, he finally went and got me some. What a manipulative brat I am!) Then I cried because Burke walked out on Yang, George failed and is on the rocks with both Cally and Izzie, Alex lost Eva, and Richard's the father of the child his wife just lost. Oh! The drama! Also? I'm boycotting American Idol next year. The show is clearly not about who the most talented vocalist is, but about who the 14 year old girls of American think is cute. I like Blake, but there's no way you can honestly tell me he's more talented than Melinda. You just can't. I was pissed.

In other news, do you know that Huz and I are going to try cloth diapering? No, we're not weird tree huggers, but we do respect the environment and realize (through research) how much of a toll disposable diapers put on the earth. Do you know that disposables take around 500 years to biodegrade? Do you know that an average child uses 7,000 diapers before being potty trained? Do you know that it saves nearly $1,500 to use cloth diapers over 2 years instead of using disposable? I've enjoyed reading about this issue and about all of the new kinds of cloth diapers on the market (no, it's not just a flat piece of cloth that you pin on your baby anymore). There's Fuzzi Bunz, Bum Genius, Happy Heiny's, gDiapers, and more. Check them out. I think it's worth it to help with the environment and to be economically wise. (You can buy them used too, which also saves a buck!)

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


I think my hormones are on over drive this week because, so far, pretty much everything has driven me irrationally mad. For example:

1. I get annoyed by the pregnancy counter on the top of my blog because it makes me feel like I'm behind schedule when I'm really not. Did you notice last week's? It said I could find out gender on week 15. Excuse me? From all I've read and heard, that can't be done until around 20 weeks, retard! I'm scheduled for an ultra sound on June 8th and will share the news then. And now this week's is saying that I'll feel kicking this week. Now I know it's the rare case that someone can feel kicks this early, but come on! Most don't sense any kind of movement or "fluttering" until 18-24 weeks. Why get my hopes up like that!?

2. I was eating dinner with Huz the other night and found the sound of him chewing cucumbers the most loud, obnoxious, and offensive sound I've ever experienced in my life. I plugged my ears so I didn't have to hear it. Really mature and rational, huh?

3. I went for blood work this morning at the Midwife Center and was extremely aggravated by the huge preggos pushing their way ahead of me as I waited at the front desk for someone to check me in (apparently you're just supposed to fill out a card and go sit down without any interaction, but I didn't know that). Then I was annoyed because they called me back up to complete the form that I didn't fill out properly since I was just there last week and my address, phone number, and emergency contact haven't changed. Duh. But they want you to fill it out anyway every single time. That's lame. Then I was annoyed by having to wait nearly 30 minutes for a 2 minute procedure (stick needle in arm and remove blood. The End.). Gah!

Pray for my husband.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Mom-To-Be Day

I was celebrated for the first time on Mother's Day yesterday and it felt pretty good. Huz and the cats got me a sweet card (I'll have to scan the kids' messages and show you because it's pretty hilarious - Neville's spelling is worse than mine!). Huz also made me my favorite breakfast (cheese blintzes with amaretto cherry sauce, rosemary potato pancakes, and sausage - only thing missing was a Bellini, but I'll have to wait until next year!) and got me a gift certificate for an hour long pre-natal massage at a great spa in town. Isn't he the sweetest!? I love him so much and feel so lucky to have spent nearly half my life with him. Yes, we have our disagreements and difficult times, but overall I feel like the most blessed woman alive to have this man love me. Thank you Huz. You mean the world to me and I'm so very, very proud of all of your accomplishments so far!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you reading who are mothers, are soon-to-be mothers, want to be mothers but can't, and are mothers of adopted children. [And moms of pets!!]

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Friday, May 11, 2007


I totally almost walked out of the office bathroom with my skirt tucked into the back of my panties. Good thing I checked out my backside in the mirror before making that dreadful step out into public! Eeek.

Last night I had a date. Yes, Huz knew about it. He WAS my date! After my water aerobics, we met for a cheap mexican dinner, and then went to see the Nashville Symphony who was playing side by side with a youth symphony (I scored free tickets from some one at work). It was nice to see the brand new building but I was put to shame by the 15 year old violinist who was featured. Did you read that? FIFTEEN. She was amazing. What was I doing at 15? Practicing tonsel hockey with Huz, not playing the violin professionally, that's for sure.

This weekend's plans? Planting some bushes in front of our landscaping-free house. Can't wait for them to grow and to get some nice green action going.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Idol Chat

As much I love me some Blake, I predict that he'll be going home tonight (or Lakeesha - just because of her last note that was oh so not there). I think he's great and talented, but beat boxing on every song makes him look like a one trick pony. Your predictions?

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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

OB Decisions

So Huz and I visited the midwifery on Friday and spent a good 45 minutes chatting with a Certified Nurse Midwife who has been delivering babies for 20 years, teaches the nurse midwife students on-campus, is from Illinois (woot!), and has very low episiotomy and c-section rates. We loved her. She was thorough, answered all of our questions and then some, and was very easy to talk to. We decided to switch from the OB practice at Baptist Hospital (even though that's the place to give birth around here) in favor of Vanderbilt Midwifery. I think it was a good decision - it will cost us less, it will be more thorough, individualized care that will put us first-timers at ease, and is more patient- (rather than doctor) centered.

We should know gender in about a month. Any guesses out there?

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Sunday, May 6, 2007

Belly Shots and Home Shots: A Comparison

Well, folks, I think I'm growing. I've gained 7 pounds so far and currently weigh more than I've ever weighed in my life (eek!).

belly shots

Our party last night was great - we had a full house and a full backyard. I totally forgot to take pictures, but it just would have been a bunch of strangers crammed into every shot, so you're not missing much. Everyone seems really positive about our house which makes me feel great!

I did take some shots of the house before the party so you can see the progress we've made. Here's some more before and afters so you get an idea.

Living Room Before (notice ugly popcorn ceiling and too dark burgundy walls):

living room

Living Room After (notice smooth ceiling and 3 Practical Beige walls with 1 Spicy Hue accent wall - hot!):

Living Room

Living Room

Dining Room/Kitchen Before (notice the ugly grey/blue walls and the nasty light fixture in the kitchen):

dining room

Dining Room/Kitchen After (notice my favorite green colored walls, the replaced kitchen fixture, and the hot husband cooking - can't beat that!):

Dining Room/Kitchen

Hallway Before (notice the glossy royal blue color):

living room/hall

Hallway After (notice the much more modern, clean Cobble Brown tone):

Living Room/Hallway/Dining Room

Bedroom Before (nothing but a nasty light fan to be replaced in this shot):

Huz looking at a fixture that has GOT to go in the master bedroom

Bedroom After (we haven't painted it yet, but will. Huz replaced the fixture with a nice, modern ceiling fan and light):


Bathroom Before (nothing but blue from floor to ceiling):

bathroom - small, needs repainting, and retiling

Bathroom After (we still need to re-tile, but the colors are much more inviting):


Nursery Before (okay, we haven't done anything with this room yet so this will be a boring before and after, sorry):

future nursery

Nursery After (notice our grand prize crib and a bouncy seat I bought on Craigslist for $10. It's got a bunny in it that my Mom sent Cletus for Easter):

Nursery (New Crib to Be Assembled)

(Finally) The Den Before: (notice ugly popcorn ceiling, ugly 70s paneling, ugly fixtures, and ugly floor):

den - paneling to be painted and fixture to be replacedden - paneling to be paintedden - fireplace to be painted

Den After (notice lack of general ugliness):

The StudyThe StudyThe Study

So, now you have it. It's as if you were at the Housewarming party last night and I gave you a tour. Thanks for coming!

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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Scoop

Okay, so we heard the heart beat. I was all excited for this visit to be one of those long, drawn-out emotional visits where you hear the awesome sound, you look over at your spouse, and you share tears of joy. That's not unrealistic is it? Well, I guess it is. I'm currently feeling very frustrated with my OB. I really liked her at first, thought she was cool, down to earth, easy to talk to, and interested in me and my pregnancy. But the last 2 months that I've seen her I've had to wait what felt like ages in the tiny exam room for her to finally make an appearance and the appearance was always unsatisfyingly brief. On Wednesday, she finally came in the room, paused in the open doorway to finish a conversation with someone out in the hall, and then walked in and asked how I was feeling. Before I even finished my sentence which was "I'm really tired lately," she answered over me, "Good." Um, excuse me? Did you even listen to me? Clearly not. Then se made me lie down and stuck the Doppler on me for about 45 seconds, allowing us to ever so briefly hear the sound of Cletus' heart beat (I had to ask what the rate was and she said 140 - which is down from 167 in the previous month's ultrasound, but she said it fluctuates), and then she left. It was kind of like having a quickie with no O. Pretty disappointing really. But, on the bright side, she did find the heart beat and quickly. No scary searching around, which was my biggest fear.

So we've got a midwife appointment tonight and are going to check out that route instead. I'm hopeful that these women will have a bit more time and sense of caring than my OB has over these last 2 months. Maybe I'm just a boring normal pregnancy to her, but to me this is my first time going through this and I want to feel cared for and have someone really check in with me to see how I'm feeling and if I have any questions. You know!? Sheesh.

In other news, on Wednesday morning before my OB visit, I started seeing a black spot in my right eye. Every time I looked down, there was a black thing in my bangs (or so I thought). My OB referred me to an ophthalmologist the very next morning to check it out. He said there's no tears, holes or bleeding, but there are 2 floaters in my right eye and some retinal scarring (which I knew about back in 2001 when I had LASIK and the Dr. told me about it - probably caused from a childhood infection). He says it doesn't look critical now, but to check my vision every day and if I have any more spots, bright flashes, or shadows appear to call him immediately day or night. He's watching me for retinal detachment and I have another appointment with him in four weeks. Great. Just what I need - more to worry about. Ack!

Other than that, I'm fine. We're having a housewarming party tomorrow night which we're both looking forward to. We've got some cleaning and cooking to do, but it'll be great when we can show our new house off to 20 of our friends. I'll be sure to take pictures for you and will post them later. Have a great weekend everybody!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Galloping Horses?

I've got an OB appointment scheduled today at 3:15 and they're going to use the Doppler to hear the heart beat! They say it sounds like galloping horses. As always, I'm nervous that something will be wrong, so please say a prayer that the horses will be running full speed!

Also? Blake rocked last night. I predict either Phil Stacey or Chris Richardson will say bye-bye tonight.

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Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Here I am in true TMI fashion, sharing with you what I just know you want to know: how many times I went pee yesterday.


Did you count that? That's 16 times. SIXTEEN! Good grief.

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