Sunday, December 24, 2006

I Made It, I Made It!

Hey kids,

I'm just checking in real quick to tell you that I made it to Colorado despite the blizzard of '06. I really had no problems, other than a 2 hour delay through Kansas City. It was truly a miracle, as they had only opened the Denver Airport about 2 hours before I took off (only using 2 runways of 6) AND they were only letting 10 planes land per hour (that's all planes, all carriers!). It was awesome. I'm truly thankful to be here, safe and sound, enjoying the company of Huz and our families. I'm having a great time so far - had a great cocktail party reception yesterday where I got to wear my new dress and heels (pictures when I get home to Nasville, I promise) - and have lots of family plans tomorrow.

Here's wishing you all a very merry Christmas. I hope you get to spend it with family and friends.


Your friend Victoria

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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Mountain Snow

Here are pictures of my childhood house buried in snow (taken by my Dad).


Mailbox sculpture:


Roof snow:


Driveway, or lack thereof:


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I just want to get home!

This is apparently what the suburbs look like right now (taken by Scott). Imagine what the mountains must look like!


The airport is closed until tomorrow at noon and I'm supposed to fly in from Kansas City at 2:30p.m. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

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Book Meme

Thanks to Schmutzie for the tag; I love these things.

1. Grab the book closest to you.
2. Open it to page 123, go down to the fifth sentence.
3. Post the next three sentences on your website.
4. Name the book and its author.
5. Tag three people to do the same.

And so, every week, we saw Hercules slaying the Nemean lion, or stealing the girdle of the Amazons ("That's some girdle, eh, Callie?"), or being thrown gratuitously into snake pits without textual support. But our favorite was the Minotaur...
...On the screen an actor in a bad wig appears. "That's Theseus," Milton explains. "He's got this ball of string his girlfriend gave him, see."

Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides (author of The Virgin Suicides, which was good)

This novel is about a hermaphrodite. I actually haven't started reading it yet, but brought it to work today as I'm proctoring an exam all morning. I plan to read it as I sit stuck in an airport somewhere trying to get to Denver tomorrow (not a positive outlook, I know, but given that DIA is closed today, I'm not holding my breath).

Who's next? How about Karnerblue, Gaunilo (yeah, right!), and Thunder.

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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Proving My Independance With a Flat

Why is it that shit only happens when Huz goes away? I mean come on, really. He leaves on a conference and a freakin' tornado comes through town, he goes on another conference and I lock myself out of my house, having to break in (which resulted in a shattered front window), he goes on another conference and a helicopter circles my neighborhood looking for some kind of criminal or something (the police just told me to lock my doors and windows - wow, that's comforting)...and now? Now I get a flat tire on my way to a job interview yesterday evening. Ugh. I managed to fill it with air, go to my interview, and then drop it off at a garage this morning. And I wasn't even late to work, thanks to a ride from a friend. So I guess I can handle this stuff alone. Go me!

Meanwhile, Huz is at home in Colorado enjoying the blizzard that I'm missing!!! :(
As long as my plane can get in okay Friday morning, I'll be happy.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Gift To You From Me

Dearest readers,

Today I'm doing my best to be nice (which I always am, Alyx!) and am giving you a gift for the holiday season. Enjoy this song from me to you, knowing that I love each and every one of you, especially when you leave comments.

Oh, and please, for me, listen until the end. The very last word is my very favorite part.

Now get up off the floor, stop laughing, and get back to work!

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Where In the World Is Victoria?

In response to sweet Keely's inquiry, I have not posted in a week because:

1. I've been trying to undo all the naughty with nice so that Santa brings me something lovely.
2. Work has been busy which keeps me from my usual bored at work blogging.
3. I've been taking care of Huz, supporting him in any way I can while he finished a hellish semester last week (read: wrote 4 papers all of which were between 20-30 pages long AND read and graded his 30 students' papers - he was a Teaching Fellow this semester on top of his class load).
4. I've been shopping, getting a hot dress to wear for a cocktail reception next week in Colorado. Oh, and buying scads of Christmas presents for my family too.
5. I've been thinking about what to pack for our week-long trip home, but haven't started yet. At least I'm doing laundry as we speak. That's progress.
6. I've been making Christmas cards - stamp, sprinkle embossing powder, heat, repeat.
7. I've been partying til 1:00a.m. at my buddy's college graduation party. Way to go, Em! You did it before 30 and I know how good that feels!

I think that's about it. By the way, all of these are true but number one. I'm always nice. *wink*

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Monday Matters

1. Happy first adoption birthday to my little big boy Neville cat! He brings much love to my life, especially in the mornings when I receive my daily dose of purrs and pet-me attention. Having two cats has been great - they both have completely different personalities and they interact with Huz and I and each other in unique ways. I love you Nevsie the Ten Pound (or more) Wonder!

Him playing with his birthday gift.

Birthday Boy

Cambridge doing her sisterly duty, though she looks pretty grumpy kissing him.

Kiss For the Birthday Boy

2. Last night's sunset - just for our anniversary!

TN Sunset

3. I must add this purse (in camel) to my wish list because I just saw it at Dillard's and fell in love! It's gorgeous, soft, plush, and looks great on my arm. It's full price at Dillard's so this sale price is much better (still ridiculous, I know, but better).

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Dozen Years Strong

Twas the night before our anniversary weekend, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, except for a fucking mouse.

Oh my God the noise. It was a loud, horrible, squeaky, choking-like sound. I sprung out of bed in utter darkness (time: 5:40a.m.) and ran to see what was the matter. I was convinced that Neville had somehow eaten a Christmas tree ornament and was choking on it, which was going to be devastating enough, but to top it off I had no idea how to do the heimlich manuever on a cat (do you!?). I ran towards the noise which was moving through the house and turned on the bathroom light where both Neville and Cambridge were. I squatted down next to Neville to soothe him (he's been coughing a lot, hence my assumption), but noticed that he neither was coughing or choking; instead he was hunkered down looking at the bathroom trash can. Aha, I thought, another cricket that he loves to chase. I moved the trashcan aside and saw not a small, black cricket, oh no, but a huge, furry, squeaking MOUSE!

My response was embarrassingly stereotypical: "A mouse! Oh my God a mouse! AAAAHHHHHGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!"

A barely awake Huz ran up in his boxer shorts and said, "What do we do?"

I yelled at him to catch it and then scooped up the cats who were
furiously trying to get at the thing and shut it in the bathroom.

"Catch it!"

"With what?" said bleary-eyed husband.

"A coffee can!"

"I don't use coffee cans, I buy my beans in bags."

I ran and grabbed a plastic sour cream container from the recycling bin and thrust it at him. What followed was much rustling and clanging behind the bathroom door, but out came Huz victorious with a mouse captured in the sealed container.

He has since set up 6 mouse traps, dutifully checking them each day, and disposed of the one, er, capturee that we've had so far. Thanks Huz. I'm a real wuss when it comes to this stuff.


Today is our wedding anniversary. Our dozenth in fact. We've had a long journey together sharing some really good times and some bad ones too, but I wouldn't have done it differently. It's a joy to be with you Huz - you're my best friend, the one who knows me best. I can totally and completely be myself with you and not fear judgment. This is a rare thing and I know it. Thank you for loving me and accepting me for who I am, faults and all, and for supporting and believing in me even when I
don't myself.

Thanks for the great night last night. Fine dining at Margot's Bistro and Cafe again this year didn't disappoint. The mulled wine was just what I needed to warm me up in the chilly weather. The Chimay cheese with roasted quince and whole grain bread was a great starter, as was the arugula, apple, Saucisson Sec and Parmigiano-Reggiano salad. The hanger steak with pom frites and demi glaze was probably the best I've had and the bottle of Italian big red wine was fantastic.

p.s. I think we need a bigger car. *wink*

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Ego Booster

Man alive are med students flirtatious. I just had one say something very forward. He said, "Victoria, I just wanted to tell you that you look really nice today and your husband is a lucky man."

W.O.W. Such confident little 20-somethings!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Madame Rant -A-Lot

Current mood: tired and a little pissed off.

First of all, I just sat through a staff meeting wherein the head hancho there started spouting off about how good looking the latest batch of female applicants are (he was the only male in the meeting) and everyone there (except for me) freakin' agreed with him and joked about it for like 10 minutes. WTF!? That has nothing to do with their abilities and should have no sway whatsoever in their being placed here or not. Also? Has anyone in this supposed cosmopolitan city ever heard of feminism or being politically correct!? I guess not. Grrrr. (To the feminists out there, how would you have dealt with this situation? Would you sit there and look at your lap? I did.)

Secondly, I'm tired of hearing people around me sigh and complain about how overworked they are and how they have to stay on the weekends when all they really do is shop online during working hours AND they get a freakin' salary that I'm sure is WELL above my petty hourly one. So quit or shut up and deal! Grrrr.

Thirdly, orcas are WILD animals. Being forced to do the same tricks day in and day out for the DisneyLand-esque consumerist, spectacle-loving, entertain-me-now crowd would make me bite someone too. Duh! Don't act so surprised people. A wild animal is a wild animal no matter how much you anthropomorphize it.

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Sunday, December 3, 2006

Wish List 2006

Dearest Huz, family, friends and strangers,

Here is my Wish List, should you want to bestow me with gifts that I'll really love this holiday/birthday season. Of course I like surprises as well, but this will give you an idea of what I am interested in right now.

I have one high quality butter-soft leather handbag that I bought with birthday money two years ago. (You've seen it before.) I've been carrying it almost exclusively for two years and I'm ready to rotate to another one, but I can't go back to synthetic leather or crappy leather - fugetaboutit. Well, I can, I just don't want to. So to start my Christmas Wish List this year, here are some bags I'm eyeing:

Another Perlina since I've been so satisfied with the one I have and some various other ones that look cool online, but need to be tried on to see if I love them (Zappos has an excellent return policy, so this is no problem).

I would like another pair of tall black leather boots since Neville turned mine into a veritable cribbage board. While we're talking shoes, these are both cute too, as are these ableit not very practical, but I'd be hot in them with jeans*. (Size 7 1/2, medium width)

*I have a girlfriend who thinks that heels with jeans is slutty/white trashy. I think it depends on the a) person, b) tightness of jeans, and c) type of heel. What do you think?

Different lenses to experiment with for my Nikon D70. A lensbaby looks like fun, as does a macro or wide angle lens - I really don't know much about them to be honest. Also, I'd love to have a professional tripod so I can do fun photos at night or some with me actually in them.

I'd also like some books, including this photo book or this one on world spectacles, any of these Cindy Sherman books (or other photographers dealing with women's issues, body conscienceness, etc.), books by the great John Updike** or Haruki Murakami (except for The Wind-Up Bird Chronical and Hard-Boiled Wonderland And the End of the World because we already have these), The Office*** DVD set and, speaking of Ricky Gervais, this for our future kid (okay, okay, it's for me).

**I read Updike's Couples and am totally hooked. He's got the richest, deepest ways of expressing things. I still remember 2 quotes from this book which I ready probably 6 months ago (which I never do - memorize things, that is): "she brewed his goodness in her warmth" - a wife pregnant with her husband's child; "the begging fur of friction" - a cat rubbing on a man's shins begging for breakfast. Isn't that spectacular!?

***The original, BBC version only please. Though I must admit that the US one is finally winning me over a little bit, but it'll never be as good as the original.

This pot to showcase my exceptional cooking skillz (or Huz's, depending on who's got dinner duty that particular night).

A Superhero necklace in either cholorine or champagne.

A soft, warm, cozy bathrobe for the winter months.

I'm sure I can think of more. Yeah, now that I think about it, Pottery Barn, Amazon, or spa gift certificates are always cool.

The end.

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Friday, December 1, 2006

Happy Birthday Huz


Dear Huz,

Happy birthday last Sunday! I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend getaway celebrating you. It was fun seeing your eyes light up as we toured Maker's Mark distillery (you lush, you) where you dipped your finger in the fermenting bourbon,


which was apparently pretty strong by your neck-bending reaction.


It looked like bubbling oatmeal to me.


I wonder how old those wooden vats were (they were two stories high and I'm sure you wanted to strip down naked and take a bourbony swim, but thank you for refraining).



Besides, when people dive in like that, the bourbon spills on the floor and that's dangerous.

I'm glad you were turning the ripe old age of 32, lest you be deprived from dipping your very own bottle of Maker's.




I loved that it was a beautiful day and that the skies were blue - kind of like your eyes.




I loved stopping by that local winery and sampling wines before buying a couple bottles. Touring their B&B was cool too, especially when we learned about how there were gun fights in the house and we got to see the bullet holes in the brick wall of the bathroom. Weird place to have a gun fight, but I suppose it wasn't a bathroom back in the 1800s when it happened. Remember the cows out front and how I said I'd take a picture for my Mom, who's scared of them? That's hilarious to me. Oh, no! COOOOWWWSSS!!!


The best part, though, was our lovely B&B out in the country on the hill far from any thing else. The mansion was built in 1851 and was full of character and charm.


Of course my favorite part about the B&B was the gracious hosts and our honeymoon suite complete with a fireplace and double Jacuzzi, but I also really enjoyed all the animals outside. The alpaca farm on site was really great and I love that I bought two skeins of yarn from 3 of the alpacas there ("oh that's got a little bit of Romeo, a little bit of Layla..."). They remind me of ewoks with long necks.





The resident dogs were really sweet too and reminded us both of our childhood golden retrievers, huh? Nigel was mine and Amber was yours.




And who could forget the outdoor kittens on our private stairway entry?




I really enjoyed the drive back home with you too, as we stopped off and toured Mammoth Cave. It kind of freaked me out with all the steep stairs and the limestone ceilings dripping on my head, but you loved it and that made me happy.

I guess I'm just trying to say that I love you and am so glad I was with you to celebrate your 32nd year. Here's to many more; may they be happy and fulfilling years, my darling.

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