Friday, March 5, 2010


Dear Readers,

I have an announcement to make. After 5 years of blogging, I finally bought my own URL and have a whole new site design.

Please come and visit me, check out my redesign, and follow me there!

There will be a random winner selected to win a prize - so come and leave me a comment!




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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog Moved

That's Claire's favorite song: an alternate to the usual row, row, row your boat. The boat goes underneath the stream, hence the ha, ha I fooled you part, cuz it's a submarine, yo.

And by that I mean to tell you that I've been messing around with various blog hosts and think I want to go with Wordpress. It's cleaner, has better embedded comments and tracking...and it's new and fun to learn.

I've been here at Blogger for 5 years and it's been fun. But I want a new place to experiment and grow.

Please forgive me, readers, and change your readers to my new corner of the web.

Bird On A Line

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday: Confident Mamma

I put this wardrobe together by request for Lindsey, who said:

"I'm not sure if you take requests, but I would love some wardrobe suggestions! I'm a new mom to a 3-month old and can't get out of my jeans and a long-sleeve tee routine. I've lost all the baby weight (hooray!) but now am in need of some help for an outfit (or two) to go out and about with the kid or just to meet friends in (something casual, yet not frumpy). I love your muted winter tones (though those shoes would leave me freezing and on the ground).

Help please?"

Lindsey - I hear ya. I was in jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt for about a year after Claire was born (except for the days I had to go to work). How about this number? It is still casual and you can still wear a long-sleeve t-shirt underneath the gorgeous coat. I don't know about you, but I'd feel pretty smashing in this number with basic accessories.

Confident Mamma
Confident Mamma by tmlens featuring Anthropologie

Items in this set:
Windsor Scoopneck, $98
Jacket and Diane-Mod Retro Indie Clothing & Vintage Clothes, $93
Women's Super Skinny Jean - Silver Grey, $30
Tecce, Ships 8/25, $159
Womens AE Medallion Belt - Dark Brown, $25

Or, if you prefer, here's this outfit. It's still casual, yet put together and comes with a nursing top (if you're nursing).

Winter Nursing Outfit
Winter Nursing Outfit by tmlens featuring Nine West shoes

Items in this set:
Old Navy Womens Red Mid-Rise Flared, $30
Nine West: Boots > Flats > Polen - slouchy suede
Women's Apparel | Banana Republic, $36
Versace Women's Purple Nappa Leather Satchel | Overstock.com, $1,700
Maternity Clothing: Shawl neck nursing top: Nursing Tops & Dresses..., $29

I know, I know. That purple handbag is a total pipe dream, but it's lovely!
Here are some affordable alternatives, plus a cute purple hat.

Purple Handbags and a Hat
Purple Handbags and a Hat by tmlens featuring Nine West shoes

Items in this set:
Nine West: Shoes, Handbags and Apparel for Women, $40
Threads® Loose Knit Hat With Brim - Plum : Target, $15
Nine West: Handbags > Sandee Belted Hobo - Hobo Suede Handbag, $120
Nine West: Handbags > Rory Satchel - Satchel Handbag, $60
Bueno Washed Double Handle Shopper - Plum : Target, $24

That was fun! More requests anyone?




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Friday, January 15, 2010

Hooping a Marathon

I just registered to hula hoop the half marathon in April! I'm so excited! I begin training this weekend. This is for breast cancer fund raising and I'm thrilled to be a part of it. Just think, this spring I'll be one of these women.


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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today I:

Discovered a new blog that makes me want to buy as much crappy old furniture at Salvation Army as possible and make it beautiful.

Am wondering if you read my blog and don't comment. If so, it's Delurking Day, so drop me a line!

Am thinking it's almost time to release my new blog URL. Go ahead and take a peek. I'm not done yet, but I think it's fun and new - especially the category tabs on top. Feedback is welcome. (By the way, I decided not to keep my blog hidden from my family because I genuinely want them to know me. I'll just be a good girl and keep my venting about them private!)

Am grateful for my job. In a crappy economy where people are losing jobs, are being put on furlough, or can't find jobs (like Huz) I just got a 15% raise. Of course it means I'll have more responsibility and be more busy, but I can handle it. It comes at a good time since we've been without Huz's stipend for 6 months and daycare costs keep going up.

Am wearing my sexy vintage cowgirl boots and have decided that they are too cute to waste by just taking them off right after work and going to the gym. So I'm going to celebrate my raise with a co-worker friend by throwing back a $3 happy hour margarita instead.

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wardrobe Wednesday

Here's a little number I put together. Let's call it Muted Tones Winter Wardrobe.

Muted Tones Winter Wardrobe
Muted Tones Winter Wardrobe by tmlens featuring Anthropologie

Items in this set:
Dotted Chiffon Blouse, $128
Hearthside Wedges, $98
Crocheted Cowlneck - Anthropologie.com, $60
Women’s Earrings: drop earrings, hoop earrings, stud earnings, silver..., $42
Hair Accessories - Jewelry & Accessories - Anthropologie.com, $32

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I Forgot!

Sorry, all. I had good intentions of sharing our holiday card with you a few weeks ago. I guess you can consider this a Happy New Year card!

I took these pictures on a lovely fall afternoon in our back yard. I love my little family.

holiday card

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